South America with Winnietwo!

In August 2015 we picked up our new motor home - Winnietwo. It's a compact FIAT Ducato and we will be using it to explore South America over the next few years every October to June.

Current reports:

Report from 26. - 30.03.2022

Pacific Coast - Puerto López - 6.0 earthquake. Flooded roads. Fishing boats and hundreds of circling birds.

Report from 31.03. - 21.04.2022

Cuenca - Massive storm causes floods on the streets. Dental appointments. Processions. Helen's 60th birthday. Booster injection. Good Friday. Funeral motorhome blocking us.

Report from 22. - 29.04.20222

Peru Part 1: Cuenca to the Amazon region in Peru - Horrible landslide. Kirsten gets bitten by a dog at the Peru border. Kuelap ruins closed. Fantastic boat ride in the Santa Elena Reserve with red howler monkeys and sloths. Wonderful campsite in the Amazon region.

Report from 30.04. - 05.05.2022

Peru Part 2: Amazon to the Pacific - Adventurous ferry across a river. Back into the high Andes. Massive copper mine. Easy drive through Lima.

Report from 06. - 12.05.2022

Peru Part 3: Pisco to Cusco - Fan belt flies off. 2 hours downhill in neutral. Beautiful sunsets in Pisco. Alternator screw flies off at 4,500m. Fantastic drive through the Andes.

Report from 13. - 24.05.2022

Cusco - Sightseeing in Cusco.

Have fun reading!