10.03.2002: Valdes Peninsula

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Sunday, 10.03.2002: Puerto Madryn - Camarones

We left at 7-50am and picked up the guide for the Valdes Peninsula. Darrell had bought us a new microphone so the guide could sit in the cab and give us a slow, heavily accented talk with lots of "ers" and a few unfinished sentences!

We went to see the sea lions first. When we turned up someone told Prue that the orcas were there. We all jumped off the truck and found they´d gone round into a different bay. We waited a while and they came back. It was great to see them hunting the seals. We were so lucky to see it!

Orcas hunting sea lions

Then we drove off south to see the sea elephants. Big and ugly!

After dropping of the guide we headed towards Camarones and to pass the boring hours on the truck Prue did an Ozzie language quiz and later on a music quiz. She´d play the first few notes of a song and we had to say what it was. Well, Julie knew them all! We saw another fantastic sunset and had a balloon fight on the truck.

Balloon fight on the truck

At 9-30pm we pulled into the campsite of Camarones and had a great sheep BBQ with rice and ratatouille. It was freezing cold and Dave managed to get one food soaked in the washing bowl.